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If you are looking for information on or to buy that game called "The SIMS", then you want to try here instead.

For more current information on what the SIMS are up to, take a look at the condo sites (below) or look at the SIMS blog.

This page was created by Jim and Jeff Sims, sons of Jim and Janie, for members of the Sims family to keep in touch with each other. If you're a relative, give us a shout via email and we'll add your infor here. If your last name is Sims and you'd like an email of the form "yourname" or, you can contact us about that as well. First-come, first served for unique names.

We're just getting (re-)started adding info here about the Sims - we expect to have our family tree, photos, contact information, email addresses, family reunion information, etc soon. Send us your suggestions.

Buy The Sims
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